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ModernMedieval Voices offers residency activities including masterclasses for singers, ensemble technique workshops and seminars for composers on writing for the voice, which include having the composers write pieces for the ensemble that are work-shopped leading to a final performance.

"Thanks so much for a great visit here at ECU.  We thoroughly enjoyed your concert, and the wonderful and supportive work you did with our students.  Thanks so much for all you brought us during your time here."   Ed Jacobs, Director, ECU New Music Initiative.

SINGING HILDEGARD: FROM THE PAGE TO THE STAGE is a lecture/performance that, via Hildegard, focuses on the challenges of finding and performing medieval music. We will look at the manuscripts, examine Hildegard’s compositional style, and discuss differing ways of interpreting the notation, comparing different transcriptions of several of her chants including Caritas Habundat and O Viridissima Virga.


 Dr. Horner-Kwiatek and ModernMedieval Voices will give performances of the chants under discussion to show the different approaches and results thereof. The presentation also deals with the challenges of programing Hildegard in a modern concert setting.

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